Electric Car Charger Suppliers

Electric Car Charger Suppliers

EV charging stations are one of the most important pathways to decarbonize passenger vehicles. These charging networks are supported by public-private partnerships. Public entities such as municipalities and state-owned utilities operate stations and provide a network service. Private companies like Tesla manufacture and install their own chargers but follow a similar model.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a leading energy and digital automation company that builds digitized sustainable energy landscapes for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industries. The company combines advanced energy technologies, real-time automation, integrated software and services to empower customers with efficiency and sustainability.

The XALK84W3BG illuminated emergency stop pushbutton from Schneider Electric is ideal for use in harsh and dark environments. It has a high response rate and is resistant to dust, dirt, moisture, and corrosion. Its ergonomic design is comfortable to handle and provides excellent visibility.

Schneider Electric offers a variety of products and solutions for small businesses. These include Unica System+, which is designed to improve productivity and comfort in workspaces. It includes floor sockets, desk units, light switches, and dimmers. This system also provides security and safety in the electric car charger supplier workplace, ensuring that only authorized users can access the controls. It also reduces maintenance costs by limiting unnecessary power usage. In addition, it can reduce energy bills by up to 10%. It is also easy to install and operate.

BP Pulse

BP Pulse, formerly known as Chargemaster Limited and POLAR Plus, is a UK-based supplier of EV charging infrastructure. It offers charging points for consumers and commercial fleets on the go, and operates a network of rapid and ultra-fast public EV chargers. It also operates Gigahub sites, large EV high-speed charging hubs located in high demand areas.

Earlier this year, BP announced that it would invest $1 billion in America’s EV charging infrastructure by 2030. It will deploy more than 3,000 chargers at airports, major metropolitan areas, and BP branded properties.

BP’s new EV charging station features 24 DC fast-charging stations that are compatible with Tesla and other EV models. Users can connect to the chargers using a mobile app or contactless bank card. The Pro Lite Charger from BP also allows drivers to manage their EV fleet charging through its built-in energy management system, which helps them save money by scheduling charges for off-peak periods. In addition, the EV Connect and Omega integration provides efficiency and control to minimize energy costs and manage fleet operations.


Allego is a pan-European EV charging network that provides smart charging solutions for electric vehicles. Their ultra-rapid charge points can be found in en-route locations near highways and destination charging stops across Europe. They also offer a range of different connectors and power outputs, including the latest in-wheel motor technology.

While the company’s products are not currently available in the United States, it is working towards expanding its presence internationally. The company’s strategy is to be vehicle-agnostic and focus on the charging infrastructure needed to support the adoption of electric vehicles.

The company has recently announced a partnership with Ford to deploy their chargers in hundreds of dealerships throughout Europe. This will give EV drivers access to high-power charging stations that can offer rates up to 400 kW. The deployment will be part of the BlueOval Charge Network, and will start this year. The company’s chargers will be accessible by drivers with a mobility service provider (MSP) charging card, the FordPass app or Plug & Charge. Drivers can check prices using Zapmap’s Public Charging Calculator.

ADS-TEC Energy

ADS-TEC Energy PLC develops and markets battery-buffered EV charging systems infrastructure. Their battery storage and buffer system solar street lights outdoor enable consistent, high-power delivery for EV charging applications. They also offer cloud-based services to enable customers to manage their systems remotely. Their specialised products target the premium end of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure market.

The company has a strong customer base across Europe and the US and is generating robust demand from new and existing blue-chip customers. This has led to solid revenues and EBITDA in 2023. However, a slowdown in the rate of EV adoption could dampen demand.

In addition to EV chargers, the company offers battery energy storage systems (BESSs) for the commercial and industrial market. These are based on the company’s platform technology that includes hardware, software and services. This allows them to deliver differentiated solutions through integration and digital and physical services. ADS-TEC Energy’s BESSs include PowerBooster, which boosts capacity for fast charging; ChargePost, which combines the battery and charger; ChargeBox, which contains the battery; and ChargeTrailer, a portable ultra-high-power charging system in the form of a truck trailer.


Founded in 2015, Wallbox aims to liberate the world from fossil fuels. They have built a global presence and won many awards for their products. Their ethos centers on excellence and innovation, creating products that improve the lives of consumers and set industry standards. They have recently expanded into North America.

The Pulsar Plus is a smart charger with an easy-to-use app that allows you to monitor your charging session, control the current output and view real-time statistics. You can also use it to schedule off-peak charging sessions and save money on energy costs. It also comes with a cellular mode that lets you connect and control your charger without Wi-Fi.

The EV home charger is compatible with all UL-listed EVs. It’s available in two different outputs — 7kW and 22kW — depending on the size of your vehicle’s battery. The app has a useful Power Limit screen that you can use to change the maximum current. It also allows you to schedule charging sessions, while the Energy Insights screen keeps track of electricity out, time of charge and cost based on your power company’s price-per-kilowatt hour.